Kraving Kebab Pizza

Chef's Specialties

Our Story

Chicken/Gyro/Shawarma Plate

Delicious Chicken, Gyro or Shawarma served over Rice or French Fries and topped with our signature Kebab Sauce along with a side of house salad


Jalapeno Poppers

Our famous spicy, cheesy fried Jalapeno Poppers with Bacon!  Perfect for any game day.

The owner grew up working in many local pizzerias and never thought he would open up one of his own until he tasted his first Kebab Pizza in Skovde Sweden during a vacation with his wife.  It was unlike any other pizza he had tasted before and something he could not get enough of during his stay in Sweden.  He knew immediately that this was something that needed to be brought back to the States.  After 2 years of continued effort to perfect the recipe of not only the Kebab Pizza but many other dishes, he opened up his first Pizzeria - Kraving Kebab Pizza on July 6th 2012.  Kraving Kebab Pizza introduces new delicious kebab dishes combined with the famous New York Style pizzas.