This place is awesome. I tried their Kebab Pizza and I was in love with it. I like pizza and thought that I have tried all of the pizza in the world. But, I was wrong. I have never tried the Kebab pizza. This pizza is heaven. If you like pizza and want to try something different, you should go to Kraving Kebab Pizza and eat there. You will not regret it. The prices are cheap for the amount of food that they give you.

-Roynell A.

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What is a Kebab Pizza?

Kebab Pizza is a combination of Italian and Turkish cuisine and is becoming the biggest fast food trend in Europe.  The Kebab Meat is served over a thin New York Style crust with a 'Real Italian' pizza sauce and Mozzarella Cheese.  The Kebab Meat comes in two choices: Pork or Chicken and is topped with our delicious Kebab Sauce. Kebab Pizza brings together dishes from two different worlds for a taste out of this world,  a must try!

Kraving Kebab Pizza

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You know, I thought I knew everything there is to know about pizza.   Boy was I wrong.  Tonight I met ... the kebab pizza.  And I am in love.  Perfect crust, crisp on  outside, tender on the inside, not too thin not too thick.  And the kebab meat?  On a pizza?  Yes, it is more than amazing.  Then comes the cream sauce  on top of the robust tomato sauce, who would have thought? But it is delicious. You have got to try this place.

-Carrie D.